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In here you can directly ask for what you need. Dating can be the start of a relationship, it can also be a burden-less romance. 63% of our members have found a suitable person in 30 days. Our website has strict membership examination and multiple verification which are assuredly apart from any other similar dating websites. We will provide you the more reassuring dating guarantee, and fulfill your needs and desires.

Zawaj Couple

I met the right person!

There are over 35328 single men and women here searching for a date. Meeting-Girl helps you fulfill your imaginations...


Taiwan Olivia 22y College Student

After signing up on this website and met my sugar daddy, he not only helped me unburden my school tuition, but also gives me allowance from time to time, and we even went on a trip abroad on holidays!


Hong Kong Alex 36y Tech Industry Manager

I'm generous and respectful toward my date. And I appreciate Meeting-girl for letting me find the ideal girl in my mind, now I look forward to date her every week.


Singapore Emily 28y Office Lady

I'm a Singaporean Chinese, I met a attending doctor from one of the major hospitals in Taiwan here. He flies to Singapore from Taiwan for me every month, and no matter what kinds of needs I brought up to him, he did his best to satisfy them, and that makes me really happy.

What is Meeting-Girl?


The concept of Meeting Lover

The website specially designed for the search of mutually beneficial dating. There are two identities:
Daddy: The man who's willing to offer financial assistance to sugar baby.
Girl: The woman who's willing to accept assistance from sugar daddy.


How to meet lover??

On Meeting-Girl, sugar daddy can introduce he's occupation and financial ability, upload photos of himself and describe his ideal lover, types of dating and the beneficial condition he's willing to offer. We have diversified and simple data classification, you will be searched by the girl with same interests and start the conversation faster. You will have to communicate about and confirm the date with the girl.


In here, you can feel free to ask for needs or propose ideas, and there is no need to be shy anymore.

Men and women in real life may feel embarrassed to speak out their thoughts and needs due to traditional values. You have good financial ability and you know your female friend is worried that she has no money to buy a car, instead of offering help to her, you bit your tongue to keep from telling her because of the fear to lose friendship.
Such a pretty and slender woman like you are holding financial burden but embarrassed to speak out to friends or co-workers.
Mutually beneficial relationship is usually embarrassed to speak of. But there is no such thing on Meeting-Girl. In here, once you decided your conditions and to know more about the other party, you can propose the idea in your mind at will. And that is the value of Meeting-Girl.


We do what we said. Honesty and commitment to responsibility are the value of our website.

We do not welcome sugar daddy who makes empty promises,
or sugar baby who disappeared after taking benefits.
Real personal information is the priority when dating. Describe your expectations and needs for love, company, financial assistance or relationship honestly. What sugar daddy or sugar baby needs is a person who is responsible for commitment and keeps personal space without lying. The purpose of this website is to encourage dating from mutually beneficial principle.


Why we are trustworthy?

1. Meeting-Girl has strict control over personal information.
2. We offer various verification methods to help filter members, and diversified and simple data classifications to help members search for ideal partner.
3. We ensure that information of all members will not be leaked or served as marketing purpose.
4. Once a member be reported by more than 5 members and be verified as fact, we will suspend the member and declare this matter in order to ensure other members' dating assurance.。


About Us, unlike other similar dating website, values the accuracy of members' information. We do not sell information for marketing purpose or steal personal information. We offer multiple identity verifications and criteria filters for our members, giving you the faster and more secure way to find your dates.

On, you will notice that we have plenty thoughtful design and values which are apart from other dating websites. For examples, we offer phone numbers filter, voice and video verifications, etc. In the future, we will offer the more complete mechanism for members to feel secure when dating.

We do not send messages automatically, on, members make friends of their own free will. Sugar daddies here will not receive large amount of purposeless messages from sugar babies only to lure you into purchasing membership. We'd rather offer you more secure verifications, and this is our guarantee and insist.